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Conflict Resolution
Steve Verboort
Instructor Kristin Akerele
ANT 101
August 17th, 2014

Israel and Palestine have been at war against each other for years. Religion, Kinship and culture are just a few reasons why they have been at war with each other. The conflict resolution for both countries can happen but it would take compromise on both sides to come to a mutual agreement. I believe that the two countries can have resolution that would stop the conflict between with one another.
The Israel cultures have been at war with the Palestine’s for years and recently they have been trying to find a resolution to end the conflict against each other. One of the reasons that Israel is battling Palestine’s is for a plot of land in Gaza. The land was originally part of the Palestine’s and Israel took control of it. Since both the Palestine’s and Israel live in the area it should be broken up in a state territory.
Israel wants to have control over the Palestine’s everyday life. The Israel’s won’t let the Palestine’s build tunnels, airports or rebuild houses. The Israel’s believe that terrorism can happen at any time and will kill if feel threatened. It seems that the Israel’s are more interest in protecting their own; instead the Israel’s should work on trying to forge a working relationship with the Palestine’s to create a better environment.
This is where the culture clash between the Israel’s and Palestine’s. One major culture difference is the women. In Israel women have more freedom and are able to drive and to work decent paying jobs. The Palestine’s have do not agree with women rights and that the men are the ones that do everything. Women are not allowed to drive, work, or have much freedom.
Another culture difference for Israel is that they have better infrastructure and can be able to maintain a socioeconomically way of life. The problem that the Palestine’s have is that they want to live a certain way. The Palestine’s are looking to live there life by the Hamas religion. The other conflict is the religion between the countries. The Israel’s are a Jewish religion and the Palestine’s are Muslim. Religion can be troublesome for the Muslims and the Jewish community to work together to form a solid ground and to stop the violence. Israel owns the water rights on the west bank of Gaza, The Palestine’s believe they should be able to control the water rights for the community and be able to distribute the water accordingly. The Israel’s have military control over the water and that is causing another conflict between Israel and Palestine’s.
The Palestine and Israel often are conflict over who owns the land around the west bank of Gaza. Israel has military control over it and they also have the 2nd largest military in the world. The Palestine’s don’t have a strong enough military that they can take back control. The Palestine’s don’t have enough resources to build a military big enough to fight back the Israel’s.
The Palestine’s are known as good businessmen but Israel has the better scientists and better leaders. This is why the military for Israel so good. Israel spends money to create a better military and has the resources to create military that will protect them from the bombers that the terrorist use.
The Palestine people don’t have the material to build a military that will protect them. The use terrorist techniques to combat a big military like Israel. They tend to find younger adult males and recruit them into the Jihad. Even though the Jihad is trying to take back to the water rights, the Israel military ends up having control of the water.
The last conflict is the political leaders for the Israel’s and the Palestine’s. The Palestine’s want to be able to create a states off then the one that is being controlled by Israel.
I find that the resolution conflict seems to be