Questions On Dr's Eye Robot System

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An experimental study was performed.
There were 13 men and women, 8 of which were subject to the Dr.s eye robot system.
How were biases reduced or eliminated in the study?
What results are presented?
a. Subjects utilizing the intervention lost significantly more weight then the controls. b. Two regions in the dorsal and ventral striatum were identified where there were significant changes six months in FMRI blood oxygen levels activiation to the food images corrected for the paired MF images, which did not include areas, such as, the caulda that had previously been indicated as an important response system to food in humans
5. How credible is the article?
a. Very credible as the statistics are not outlandish, it is a medical journal, published in 2014, on nutrition and diabetes article, published in USA today. 1. A cross sectional study was formed.
2. 2067 participants were involved in the study.
3. Biases were eliminated by picking a plethora of participants with the same variable being studied but of different gender, age, body type and other such things.
4. Higher glucose levels may in fact be a risk factor for dimentia.
5. They are somewhat credible, I would want to see the full study versus just the article put together. 1. An expermiental study was formed.
2. The study was on bacteria, so a lot of bacteria samples were utilized. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, klebsiella pneumonieua and other types of bacteria
3. There was really no bias to be elimiated, it was a study based on bacteria.
4. Basically nothing was discovered by the study, the new test may or may not speed up the actual time of tracking a diagnosis.
5. The results are kind of credible, but not by much.
1. A cohort study was formed
2. 6,073,240 swedish people participated in the study
3. Biases were reduced by using a large amount