Questions on Gene Mutations Essay

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Deamination occurs spontaneously with a finite frequency. When cytosine is delaminated it is converted to uracil. Despite this uracil is not found normally in
DNA. why not?

If a single transition occurred within the DNA region containing the codon message for methionine, What alternative amino acid would be coded for.

What mutagen tends to generate a transversion?

What nucleotide sequences are prone to serve as a hot spot for mutation.

Mismatch repair depends on.,,

Trinucleotide repeat disorders are the results of??

What is true for phenotypically recognizable mutations?

What sequence is likely to be a mutation hotspot?

What is a transition mutation?

When a mutation arises which results in a premature termination of translation due to a premature stop signal what type of classification is this?

In a sequence of nucleotides 3’ATCG5’ in a DNA strand was used as a template during replication and all of these bases were in their rare tautomeric form, the newly synthesized strand would be??

What is true concerning 5-bromouracil?

What represents hot spots for mutations?

What is true about observed mutations?

What is one mutations that would expected to have the greatest effect?

Mismatch repair depends on …..

What DNA repair system is prone to incorporating incorrect bases in the newly synthesized DNA strand?

Indel mutations occur relatively frequent as….

Too much time in the tanning booth might damage epithelial cells due to the UV radiation. the mosty likely effect would be…..

what is true for a phenotypically recognizable mutation?
Uracil DNA glycosylase leads to…

The base analog 5-bromouracil causes….

when an incorrect nucleotide is incorporated into a growing strand of DNA and escapes being corrected via proof reading, what is critical for its eventual repair?

Which has the more significant effect on phenotype an alkylating agent an intercalating agent a base analog aflotoxin

what DNA repair system is known to be error prone?

Too much time in the tanning booth might damage epithelial cells due to UV radiation. the most likely effect would be….

What does mismatch repair system depend on?

What is a fact about observed mutations?

Indel mutations occur relatively frequently at???

A sequence of DNA ATCG occurs in which all the bases are in their rare tautomeric form. What is the complementary DNA strand?

Mutations resulting in no modification of polypeptide sequence because of the redundancy of the genetic code are called??

Mismatch repair depends on??

Fragile X syndrome is caused by??

If an incorrect base is incorporated during DNA synthesis and is not corrected by DNA polymerase, it can be corrected by post replication repair. This involves??

What is true for a phenotypically recognizable mutation??

Thymine dimmers are usually cuased by???

If the original DNA strand is 5’ATGGGACTAGATACC3’ and it mutates to 5’ATGGGTCTAGATACC3’. what category of mutation would this be??

When methylated cytosine is deaminated, the resulting nucleotide is??

Fragile X syndrome is associated with trinucleotide repeats of CGG, yet these repeats occur in the DNA upstream from the first exon. What is the suggested mechanism of its phenotypic effect?

The proofreading capabilities of DNA polymerase is dependent on what??

What type of mutation would be expected to have the greatest effect on the