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TMA 01 M150

Question 1:

1) (a) Venue of a Thursday night M150 tutorial in May 5th 2011 19:00- 21:00 New Cavendish Street (UOW) at St Albans.

(b) [pic]

(c) M150 Regional Group Forum, Tutor Group Forum is where you could ask for help about the M150 units.

If you are struggling with the TMA question you would contact your Tutor assigned to M150.

(d) Yes the student would pass M150 as the student has achieved an overall score of at least 40%- he achieved 41%- weightings applied for the 5 TMAs and the CMA.

The student would also pass the Final TMA because the student scored 37% and you must achieve 35% for the last TMA.

(e) The learning outcome I am most interested is

Practical and or/ Professional Skills

After studying the course you will be able to – discuss the legal and ethical issues surrounding data acquisition, privacy, accuracy, surveillance, and the use of cryptography(and it’s possible compromise by legislation);

Demonstrate basic skills to enable you to progress to more advanced level studies at the OU or any other university.

I think this course will give me a good grounding to use as a springboard towards studying a higher level course whether it be a course involving the legalities of data use or a computing course.

(f) Inform the Examination and Assessment Board if you cannot submit the final TMA05 before the cut-off date. Complete a PT39 form and return it to Learner Support at the regional centre or national centre not later than 2 weeks after the cut-off date A serious and prolonged illness(yourself or a member of your immediate family could be considered a special circumstance.

(g) My study tip is to set aside time to study and to stick to the regime. Getting into the habit of spending a set amount of time each night can save you having to cram all the unit information into a short space of time.


a) I used Google search engine, search terms used were:-

Great plague and Derbyshire and 1665,

The 2 urls are:-

b) The name of the village is Eyam.

The plague was brought to the village via a parcel of cloth from London delivered to the house of tailor George Vicars who found it damp and opened it up to dry thus releasing the fleas.

c) William Morpesson was a rector of the village when the plague struck. supported by Thomas Stanley he persuaded the villagers to remain within the village as he recognised that if people left they would spread the plague to the North of England. At the time it only affected London. The people decided to basically quarantine themselves knowing that most of them would die from the disease. Food was brought to the village by outsiders, the villagers left money in a water trough near the village boundary , the trough was filled with vinegar to kill the fleas. His wife and children died of the plague and he ended up burying them in 1966. Most church services were held in Cluklett Delf a valley near the village.

Only 83 villagers survived the plague.

Plague Sunday is still held on the last Sunday in August at Cluklett Delf

More than 350 years after the 1666 plague we still hold a remembrance service on Plague Sunday- St Lawrence Eyam Parish Church 2008

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d) I would think the contents of the register constitute data. Details of each person that had died, age cause of death and name have all been recorded as distinct facts of information.

Question 2

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