Questions On Issue Management

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1. Add a new memo under call management view provider provider management memo/alerts section.
“reissued check” as the new description

2. Update issue notes under issue management.

1. When receive the e-mails from about void and reissue checks… first, go to JP Morgan and check if the check is still outstanding, if already cleared, make a copy of the cleared check (pdf version) and then, go to QNXT and follow the training process and make notes there. Then, send e-mail to the CSR with check attached.
If the checks are outstanding, then put a STOP PAYMENT on it.
2. Go to PS and do the void/ reopen reissue step. Then after POST PAYMENT step, remember to go to the voucher and change payment method from “MAN” to “CHK” so in that way, the system will pick up. if the check is under a group info, need to run the group info and do process monitor.
3. Print out e-mails from have department leader to sign and review.
4. Print checks.
5. Go to QNXT and follow the steps to make notes for issue management AND provider memo.
THEN, when finish this assigned job, click “reassign issue” button and reassign it to the original assigner.
6. Print out the copy of the description memo as a supports.
7. Print out EOP..
8. Do POS pay AND GIVE 9. Mail out.

1. CMS rule: no more than 30 days for pending issue. Send e-mail to basis with screenshot.
23. If the reissued check source is not from Nirav’s e-mail, but from QNXT inbox, then first, I