Questions On Issues In Australian Environments

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JRAHS Yr. 10 Geography - Topic 1: Issues in Australian Environments

Differentiated Focus Outcomes
1. Issues in Australian Environments (5A3)Coastal Management, Urban Growth & Decline
2. Australia in its Regional and Global Contexts (5A4)
3. Geography Elective
Media File (20%)
Research Task – Global Links (30%)
Yearly Exam (50%)

Google Street View
Skills in Australian Geography – Kleeman
DVD – Pyrmont/Ultimo
1. Identifies, gathers and evaluates geographical information
2. Analyses, organizes and synthesizes geographical information
3. Selects and uses appropriate written, oral and graphic forms to communicate geographical information
4. Selects and applies appropriate geographical tools
5. Demonstrates a sense of place about Australian environments
6. Evaluates the relative significance of the geographical processes that form and transform Australian environments
7. Assesses the impacts of different perspectives on geographical issues at local, national and global scales.
8. Applies geographical knowledge, understanding and skills with knowledge of civics to demonstrate informed and active citizenship

Assessment: Research Task, Exam

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Geographical Tools in this focus area

1 Calculate the density of a feature

2 Calculate local relief

3 Identify the aspect of a slope

4 Measure bearings on a map

5 Construct a cross-section

6 Calculate the gradient of a slope

7 Construct a transect

8 Construct a land use map

9 Read and interpret synoptic charts


1. Develop a research action plan

2. Use a variety of techniques to collect and record primary and secondary data

Graphs and Statistics

1. Recognise and account for change using statistical data


1 Collect and use digital images


1. Design and create a multimedia presentation or webpage to communicate geographical information to a particular audience, including maps and diagrams as appropriate

Students Learn About
Students Learn To
Teaching Strategies
Geographical Issues: (allow 1 – 2 weeks for this section)

Geographical issues affecting Australian environments including:
Air quality
Coastal management
Land and water management
Spatial inequality
Urban growth and decline
Waste management

Describe each geographical issue in relation to:
Its nature
Its impacts
The responses by individuals, groups and governments to the issue
Outline how a range of geographical issues are affecting Australian environments

Brainstorm ideas of issues on board using a mind map
Categorise issues into local, national and global.
Complete glossary worksheet in Year 10 Geography, HSIE drive.
Analyse in terms biosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere
See pages 144-145 in Geoactive Bliss and Paine or pp 200-201 Australian Explorations by Kleeman. Read and use as basis for discussion.
Active citizenship: what is it? What can it achieve? Geoactive P146 – 147
Draft a letter to council, state or federal member on an issue that concerns them. Pick one from the mind map. Discuss other actions that could be taken.
Read letters to the editor from SMH. Write a letter to the editor. See proforma in “Wetland Works” folder in HSIE drive.
In groups students provide an overview of the six geographical issues which must include relevant case studies. They need to incorporate relevant skills, such as preparing a Research Action Plan into the overviews.
Explicit teaching on “How to develop a research action plan” using the PPT in HSIE Common drive (10 Geography)

At least TWO geographical issues affecting Australian environments, selected from the list above (one study must include fieldwork)
(Allow 7 -8 weeks for this section with 3 -4 weeks per issue.)

The geographical processes relevant to the issue
The perceptions of different groups about the issue
Individual, group and government responses to the issue