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Marketing Media

Description of the Business: 1. Indicate the competitive edges your business offers. -We provide top of the line equipment, which could pose as a challenge to other gaming places that have not so new equipment. We also have coupons that provide certain special offers to specific customers. 2. Describe the products or services that will be offered. -We offer the ultimate gaming experience as well as a lounge to hangout in and eat some food. 3. Describe the customers you plan to target. -We plan to target young people aged from 12-25. We do not exclude people but we mainly target those ages, but anyone can really come in and play. 4. Briefly describe your operations and distribution of the products. -We are in a building located at Montclair High School, which is where our lounge is located. People have to come to us to participate in our lounge. 5. Describe the image you want your business to have and how you plan to achieve this. -We want our image to be young, cool and where all the teens want to come and hang out. Self Analysis: 1. What skills or training do I need to start this business? -You have to be familiar with marketing media and video games. You have to have some knowledge of game types, systems, and how to start a business in video games and the liabilities.

2. Do I have the optimism to succeed? -You have to have optimism in anything you do, not just to start a business. But, yes you have to expect you are going to succeed to actually succeed. I have the optimism. 3. Am I a self-starter? -I am a self-starter. 4. Am I innovative? -I am very innovative, always looking to make something better. 5. Do I have the skills to be able to make decisions and enforce them? -I do have the skills to be able to make decisions and enforce them. I learn from my mistakes so if I make the wrong decision then I benefit from it. 6. Am I willing to take a risk? -I am always willing to take a risk. I always want a challenge and am always up for it. I will always take a risk for something I believe in. 7. Do I have set short and long-range goals for myself? -Its part of the plan to set goals for yourself before to provide yourself with a challenge and a requirement that you have to meet. 8. Can I manage my resources wisely [human, material and financial]? -I can manage my resources wisely. 9. What are my strengths that will help me start a business? -My strengths are leadership, knowledge of how to run a business, intelligence, and other traits that help me to be able to start a business.

10. What are my weaknesses that might hinder me in starting a business? -My weaknesses are if I take leadership I am motivated to start and finish a project my way and if I don’t like a certain idea then I don’t hesitate to shoot it down unwillingly.
Trading area analysis: 1. What location will provide accessibility? -The school would provide complete accessibility to most of our customers because we target mainly teens that are in high school. 2. How many clients are expected top utilize the business? -We need to have a variety of customers aged differently so our business shows diversity and conformability. 3. What demographics (age, gender) need to be considered in starting this business? -In our business specifically, we need mostly teens to make up majority of our customers. Gender doesn’t matter at all. We are not sexist. 4. How much disposable income do potential customers have? -The