Essay on Questions on Prejudice and Racial Discrimination

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Question two:
Have you experienced prejudice and what have you done to manage it? Yes, I have experienced prejudice. It is something that I have dealt with all of my life. Managing prejudice is innate; it’s something that comes within. You only let it hamper you if you don’t have a strong sense of self. I can’t erase prejudice, but I can educate others and open myself to others so that they can see me for who I am, not what they perceive.

Question three:
What information would be important for someone to know about your culture and how their views could affect you (young, teens and adult). That the stereotypical portrait displayed by society of my culture is just that, stereotypical! We are not all uneducated, loud, low income, inarticulate, gang banging, welfare recipients with several children by different men. That may sound harsh to some, but that is how many are viewed in society. When we as a people allow ourselves to accept or be less than, we contribute to this stereotype. A prime example of these negative views of my culture has become even more evident in the past few years with the election of our President. Although this man has achieved rank as the most powerful man in the United States of America, he is still picked apart and disrespected because of the color of his skin. I think for people in my culture he and his family are a prime example of a person “not” being what is perceived to be the norm. What people must come to realize is that there are many within my culture that are just like he and his family.

Question four:
How has language affected your culture and your connection to it? Historically, Blacks were taught the English language by people who had not mastered the English language themselves. What developed was another group of people with underdeveloped language skills. But in time, as more Blacks had access to education, it brought about a change in within the culture. Many learned the language and learned to articulate while others felt comfortable in the way that they use the English language as for them, it is attributed to the region they live. As an example, many southerners may use words or phrases that are common within the southern region while others that were raised on the east or west coast may not. With many Blacks originating from southern states, it