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tendency you believe, after learning outcome, that one would have foreseen it.
I knew it all along
Scientific Method
Theory explain through a set of principles that organizes observations and predicts behaviors.
Hypotheses: testable prediction created by your theory.
Replication: can you repeat with the same findings.
Researsh case study: 1 person case studies examine 1 individual in depth in hopes of revealing things true of all.
Research surveys:
A method of looking at many cases less in depth. Wording.
Correlation Measure
Perfect posiitf correlation(+1)- No correlationship(0)- Perfect negative correlation(-1).
Data Tendency
Mode: popular- Mean :Average
Measure of Variation
Standard deviation: how much the scores devise from one another. measure of variation.
Motor neurons carry msg from the brain to the body.
Dentrite : fibers receive info and conduct it towards the cell.
Axon: passes the msg along to other neurons.
Neuron Communication
Neurotransmiters: chemical messengers sent between neurons
Endorcine System
A system of gland that communicate through hormones or chemical messengers. they influence sex, food, and aggression.
Nervous System.
Neurons are the building block of the nerves.
Nerves are like electrical cables. CNS: central nervous system: the brain and spinal cord.
Modula controls your heartbreat and breathing.
Baseball size: title brain.control stability.
deals with seeing, hearing, tasting and touch. doesn't deal with smell.
Sleep and Dream circadian rhythm: our biological clock that regulates and synchronizes to a 24hr clock.
Sleep stages
RM sleep: rapid eye movement sleep dreams.
studies show sleep strengths memory, increases concentration,boosts mood, moderates hunger and obesity, fortifies the immune system and lessens of fatal