Questions On Skeletal System

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Skeletal System -helps you move, support -houses the bone marrow /cells that give rise to blood cells -bone marrow gives rise to blood cells

Skin -Vitamin D -Sweat Glands

Muscular System -helps with movement (facial expressions) -produces heat

#5 on handout
What do all living things need?
-water -nutrients (give energy) -constant temperature (at extreme
-respiratory gas (oxygen, CO2) temps proteins get damaged -->"denatured" causing them to
-constant pH (acidity/alkalinity) lose shape/function
-constant atmospheric pressures

What can all living things do?
-grow -increase in size -increase in cell number -increase in complexity/matures-->"differentiation" -acquires specialized functions & new structures
-move (locomotion, muscular, cells, materials,etc.)
-1st step before metabolism -breaks down, but metabolism breaks even further -takes place inside the digestive tract

**-metabolism-->all chemical reactions that take place in the body -break down (catabolism)/build up (anabolism) -takes place inside the cell

-respiration -using respiratory gases

**-maintain homeostasis-->maintenance of internal constancy -internal environment: fluid around cells-->interstitial fluid -3 parts in homeostatic mechanism (receptor, control center, effector) -receptor: detects change in environment -afferent pathway is signal from receptor to control center -send signal to control center (brain) -efferent pathway is signal from brain to effector -control center makes decision from signal -then sends signal "output" to effector (ex.sweat gland)

ex. touching sharp object -receptor sends signal