Questions On Terms And Concepts

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Chapter One
Terms and Concepts
1) Mediamaking : P7, Modern Family→Different in ABC because ABC owned by Disney, and Disney (people who produce the text) has different value and idea with CNN or BBC. And then audiences create their own meaning. “Being made and making meaning.” No direct relationship between what you watch and what you do.
Media effects: watch video and shoot someone.
2) Practices: P7, how we read the media and text, how we have access to them, need network, connection, DVD player. Watch movies in cinema or at home→sound, space, people, how we engage are different,
3) Modalities: P9, free in ABC and paid in HBO, things are different.
4) Technologies: P13, changing how we see the text.
5) Institutions: P13, where media is released, produced. Hollywood, Facebook, are all institutions
6) Cultural forms: P15, coding→like sounds represent horrid movie, make us feel different.
7) Culture: P21, common definition→ways of life
Culture context: economic, institutional, social (different atmosphere), political (make statement or decisions, e.g. walk instead of drive), historical (culture moment matters, US vs Japan, South vs. North, 1966 vs. 2014), and cultural
P22, culture background→story about 50,60s we watch nowadays or we watch in 50,60s are different. Share meanings
P20, historical context of culture
Raymond Williams’ definitions:
(1) Communication is a constant process of balancing eh possibilities of the culture with the need of individuality.
(2) Culture is a set of activities in which the process of producing now shared meanings is carried in the various forms of art and media communication.