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The Bible
1. The bible carries more weight than any other writings. The article “The Place of the Bible” by: Walter Moberly states: The Bible has a status and authority greater than any other Christian writings. These books were from which is called a “canon” the Greek word which means “rule” or measure. So the Bible is very much an authoritative yardstick for belief and practice. The only way that you can truly have faith is to believe that the Bible is authoritative and the power that lies in between each verse.
2. I believe the role of faith is exactly What Jesus was teaching. Jesus gave them doctrine his disciples. Doctrine is simply teaching. When Jesus spoke to his disciples just as he speaks to us today. We have to have enough faith to believe in the teaching. You never follow anything you don’t trust or put your faith in. Faith is not just believing in the Father, but it’s trusting in his teaching. Faith is simply taking God at His word.
3. What is implied when you look at divine inspiration, God breathed, is that we know the bible was divine initiative and we found out that this is what makes a unique and set aside book. Where a lot of times it is not implied when we look at the writers and not the author and divine being behind the handwriting of these men and women.
4. I believe that Augustine was letting us know that the New Testament is found in the Old Testament and the Old Testament explains the New Testament. They fit together like Hand and glove.
5. Jesus believed that the Old Testament is part of the Christian canon. Which we can measure the Old Testament with the divine measurement and it holds up in its authority. Jesus referred a lot of times back to things like the prophets , and the writing. Jesus understood the power of scriptures and John Wenham says it best Jesus believed that scripture was written by people of former times under the inspiration of the Spirit of God and how “stands written” as the word of God. The Old Testament is a law that requires sacrifice. The New Testament is a law that requires service.

1. The purpose is to show that God has all power that belong to Him alone. To give to people a convincing reason why they should regard Him with reverence, yet with trust. And to help correct mistaken ideas people have about Him.
2. God is personal and the verse that goes with that is Psalms 94:9-20 Does he who is implanted the ear not hear? Does He who formed the eye not see? Does he who disciplines nations not punish? Does he who teaches man lack knowledge. God is unchanging (immutable). Every good and perfect gift is from above coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17 This is another one of God’s unique natures.
3. God is a loving God and he wants man to respond to Him freely given, not feeling pressure about giving your life to Him. Also God never intended for evil to affect our world. Because God is almighty and power He was prepare for it turning events. And because it has we suffer the harsh consequences for sin in all creation. The great thing about God he has set up a period of probation, a set of natural guidelines, and a way of ultimate redemption.
4. Some errors that I read about concerning the Trinity is that some doctrinal experts believe God is really not a Trinity, but he represents himself. To say this is to say that God is a puppeteer who uses several puppets and voices to tell his story.
5. When we confess God is our God we are proclaiming that God can do all things in our life. As believers we understand this quote so well. “ The greatest expression of God’s power is the power to set people free from the penalty and the power of sin in their lives.” The reason I felt this explains it all is each believer recognized His power when we truly gave our life to Him.
6. God is omnipotent (almighty) Is there anything to hard for the Lord. We know as God dealt with His chosen people he was letting them