Quickscan Klm Essay

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Introduction 4

1. The internal analysis 5
1.1 Historical overview 5

1.2 Mission, vision, goals and strategy 5

1.3 Structure 6
1.3.1 Corporate Governance and management control systems 6
1.3.2 Leadership 6
1.3.3 Culture 7
1.3.4 Structural configuration 7

2. The external analysis 8
2.1 Current situation 8
2.1.1 SWOT analysis 8
2.1.2 BCG matrix 9

2.2 In relation to the competition 9
2.2.1 Porter's Five Forces Model 9
2.2.2 Benchmark 10

2.3 The company’s image 10
2.3.1 Quality of services and products 10
2.3.2 Image as employer 10

Sources 11
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The new Air France-KLM strategy is structured across five areas: Customers, Operations, People, Development and Finance. This will cover all three business sectors, namely; Passenger transport, Cargo and Maintenance.
 Customers: By putting the customer as a central point in their strategy and by strengthening their service culture one of the key priorities for development is achieved.
 Operations: Passenger safety is absolute priority.
 People: The success of the strategy depends on the skills of their employees.
 Development: AF-KLM will continue to expand its global operations to maintain its European Leadership position by expanding its partnerships.
 Finance: “Air France-KLM must return to profitable growth within the next few years, with an operating margin of 7% and a Return On Capital Employed (ROCE) of 8%” (AF-KLM Cargo, 2011).

1.3 Structure
1.3.1 Corporate Governance
 Strategic Management Committee
The Air France-KLM group has a Strategic Management Committee, in which Air France and KLM are equally active.
 The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is a group of fifteen members who are responsible for the daily business operations.
 The Group Executive Committee
This is a group of twelve members which meet every two weeks. In these meetings the group