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Basketball is everywhere in the United States; it is becoming more and more popular. Basketball is a wonderful sport and a great work out. Basketball is a fun and competitive sport. It is my favorite sport because anybody can play it. There are so many good role models in the National Basketball Association. Young boys and girls can look up to successful athletes they see on TV every night. I love basketball because it provides people with a great, rewarding workout. Running up and down the court keeps you moving, sweating, and burning calories. The best feeling is shooting three point shots and dunking the ball. When you get on a hot streak, making all those shots and the crowd hyping you up, you feel motivated. You get so happy, sometimes you feel like you could dunk from half-court. Basketball games are exciting for players because the game is very competitive and it keeps the fans on the edge of their seat! Anybody could play basketball; the sport is for everyone. There are basketball courts all over the United States and the rest of the world. Many students learn to play basketball in gym class. I learned to play basketball on the playground. There are so many positive role models in the NBA. Players like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant are great role models for young boys and girls. Children can watch any of these superstars every night on TV. The game of basketball is a great sport. There are so many reasons why basketball is my favorite sport. It