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Quit Smoking 1. Smoking is both psychological habit and physical addiction. Act of smoking is ingrained daily. To quit smoking, you need to address both habit and addiction by changing your behavior and dealing with symptom. It is psychosocial habit cause when you in unpleasant or in bad mood .you thought cigarette are relief my mood and give me pleasure. 2. This broadness and unpleased can be change by making my self busy. chewing gum. Be around people and exercises 3. I will make my self busy by going out with my friend that is not smoke. I exercises play soccer, basket ball, or go to gym, I be away from every thing that make me back to thought of tobacco addiction is give pleasure.
4 after a month I fund out there is no stress, no depression, no fear, no unexcited and more money spending.
5 day by day I feel more healthy, (no more cough or chest pain), and I stop expose my children, cause I will have more time to spend with them, I identify and dress my smoking habit
6 today there are money change in by quite smoking I have more money to spend it is relief my stress. I am not worry about small stuff. Every thing go the way I want.
7 finally to stop smoking you need to design your personal plane, list reason of yourself why you stop smoking and place it somewhere you look at it every time you want to smoke, Example I feel healthy, low your risk for cancer, stopping expose my children, I have more money to send, place it in your car and your room or some where that you can look at it every time you want to smoke, and find out something else to do, for me was doing sit-up, push ups, or jumping jacks. .

Day 1: I put the plane to stop smoking and I feel much better then I am about my plane.
And I announced my plane to every body around me and I get sport from all.
Day 2: I feel I have something messing but r look at my plane that why stop smoking and power full.
Day 3:I feel I lose my smelling and I did not test good, but I be more strong and strong when I look at my personal pane that I put.
Day 4:i get 2 munities headache my friend give me something to use and it goon, and I hung out to eat with them.