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Quiz 1 Point Recovery Activity


Smit Soni

Answer the following questions using complete sentences. You may use your notes, E-Book, or regular book
(available from Mr. Kramer) in order to answer these questions. By completing this worksheet, you can recover half of the points you missed on the quiz. For example
5/15 becomes
12/15 becomes


What is a theory in science?

Theory in science is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of natural world that is acquired by scientific method.

2. How is a theory in science different from a theory in everyday life?
Theory in science is different from a theory in everyday life because a scientific theory is a well - substantiated explanation of some aspect in world whereas a everyday life theory does not need any backed up information to prove it whereas scientific theory does.

3. Why is peer review important in science?
Peer review is important in science because it allows scientists to take opinions and guidance to make their data more accurate.

4. How many variables can be tested at once in a controlled experiment? Why?
Only one variable can be tested at once in a controlled experiment because if we test multiple variables then we won’t know which variable caused the change in the results.

5. Explain what an independent variable is.
An independent variable is the variable that we have control over and we change it in an experiment to get accurate results.

6. Explain what a dependent variable is. How can you figure out what it is in an experiment?
Dependent variable is