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If I was to apply myself the same way Malcolm X did while being in jail, I would certainly be in a different place in my life today. Malcolm didn’t have much education and it never bothered him because he really didn’t know any better. After meeting certain people in jail
Malcolm realized that there’s many things wrong with him. More specifically, he was at an eighth graders’ level of reading and writing, lack of vocabulary, and lack of general knowledge about everything else in this world. Malcolm being the intelligent person he is, saw jail time as an opportunity to learn and be enlightened by books and studying. After he learned to read, he couldn’t stop which is a quality I also have but it’s still hard for me to really start reading. Once I start reading I can go on for hours and hours. A good example to apply myself like Malcolm, I can try and read more often and help my mind develope better, hopefully teach myself to “want” to read. Malcolm had educated himself and people would think he had gone to school far past the eighth grade which is not true. Maybe that’s why he became such a wise activist. He was self taught, and I am a product of the american schooling system. If from a young age my teachers were to teach me how to point out a problem and come up with a solution, today I could have been a completely different person. If I wouldn’t have missed all the opportunities I had to get