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CELLULAR GROWTH AND DIVISION QUIZ 1.) The process by which a cell divides to form two daughter cells, each of which contains the same genetic material as the original cell and roughly half of its cytoplasm ?
a. Cell Division
b. Sexual Reproduction
c. Cell Cycle
2.) Any of the structures into which a chromosome divides during mitosis or meiosis?
a. Cytokinese
b. Chromatid
c. Prophase
3.) All body cells of an organism, apart from the sperm and egg cells the cells from which they arise and undifferentiated stem cells ?
a. Spindle
b. Somatic Cell
c. Prophase
4.) The adaption of form or behavior of an organism to charged conditions. The power of a preggastruls stage to form a whole embryo from a part ?
a. Polar Body
b. Regulation
c. Spermatogenesis
5.) Which statement best describes the process of a asexual reproduction ?
a. It results in variation
b. It involves two parents
c. It occurs without the fusion of nucle
6.) A large haploid cell produced at the second meiotic division that quickly became an egg cell ?
a. Oogenesis
b. Ootid
c. Spermatogenesis
7.) The man operated process of extracting dna from a host cell and implanting it to function in another type of cell


The sequence of growth and division of a cell ?
Cell Cycle
A small, nonstaining structure, usually near the center of a chromosome to which the spindle fiber attaches during mitosis ?
a. Mitosis
b. Cell Division
c. Centromere
10.) Having twice the number of chromosomes normally occurring in a mature germ cells: most somatic ?
a. Haploid
b. Diploid
c. Mitosis
11.) The stage of the cell or nucleus when it is not in mitosis herce comprising