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Vonnegut, in his futuristic short story, discusses the oxymoron equally unjust by
1. exploring the loss of creativity, (George’s handicaps keeping him average, ballerina’s masks and weights, announcer unable to speak, ballerina’s voice, musicians playing, Harrison and the ballerina’s dance.)

2. the suppression of ideas, and (Amendments themselves, George’s handicaps, ballerina’s masks, Hazel’s curiosity bringing up the way it used to be)

from: https://nanapvcc.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/short-story-analysis-kurt-vonneguts-harrison-bergeron/
“It shows the audience that this is a society where the state has over-stepped its authority and blurred the lines between the public and private realms of existence.”
George’s thoughts are no longer private, they are viewed by the government and controlled accordingly.

From: http://www.litreact.com/reactions/harrison%20bergeron_vonnegut_solano.html “We humans can't accept someone being better than us and being elevated above us. This is experienced not just in Harrison's dystopian world but also in our own.”
Could also fit in point 3

3. the oppression of conformity. (George’s painful handicaps, Hazel’s average intelligence not encouraged to progress, Harrison in jail, Ballerinas’ dancing, masks, weights, altered voice, musicians and reporter restricted. Handicap generals are exempt from the oppressiveness of the conformity) from: https://nanapvcc.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/short-story-analysis-kurt-vonneguts-harrison-bergeron/
“In other words, he is implying with the phrase “Handicapper General” that the concept of social