Quotes From Navajo Lesson

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In the passage Navajo Lessons a girl named Celine is forced to live with her grandmother for the summer. At first Celine did not like or enjoy staying with her grandmother which she made known to everyone who she was around. She didn’t like not being able to be with her friends for the summer and to make matters worse her grandmother does not speak english. As the story progresses you see a part of Celine that hasn’t been introduced to us. When her grandmother becomes very ill Celine has to find the words to help her grandmother in Navajo which I think is when she begins to become appreciative for her heritage and for her grandmother’s religion, because of this I believe the theme is that it’s important to appreciate your heritage.

One of the main reasons I believe the theme is that it is important to appreciate your heritage is because in the story Celine learns about a whole new culture that she loves that she never even took interest in before the trip to her grandmother’s. In the text it shows at the beginning Celine had no interest in spending time with her
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I know this because in the beginning of the story the text says “ Celine spent the first few days … by listening to her favorite music all day and all night.” This shows how Celine became very antisocial and shut down at the beginning of the story. By the end of the story the text when Celine’s grandmother became very ill she rushed to find help and “ Celine and Josh rode next to her, shading her from the blistering sun.” This shows the love that Celine develops for her grandmother and how she puts herself into major discomfort just to keep her grandmother conscious on the way to the hospital.This was another reason that lead me to believe the theme of this story is that it is important to appreciate your