Quotes From The Phantom Tollbooth

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In the book The Phantom Tollbooth There is boy named Milo who is a very indecisive and troubled kid who wants to be somewhere then when he gets there he wondered why he wanted to go here and wanted to back to the old spot.

On page 31 Milo says how do I get out of the doldrums and Tock the watchdog said “how did you get here” and Milo said “not thinking” then Tock said “then how do you get off” and Milo said “by thinking!” Exactly! Said Tock, and Tock wanted to come along to dictionopolis to see what Milo wanted to do but little did they know they would go on an amazing trip.Later that day,Milo and Tock are going when they spot a nearby village and meets five different people The Duke Of Definition,The Minister Of Meaning,The Earl Of Essence,The
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My final quote is on page 132 is when Alec bings gives Milo a telescope carry this on your journey said Alec,for there is much worth noticing that often escapes the eye.through it you can see the tender moss in the sidewalk crack to the faintest light in the deepest cave but most importantly you can see things the way they really are.

In conclusion The Phantom Tollbooth is a very moving and confusing book with lots of idioms that you have to really think to understand them like how milo in the beginning of the story was indecisive and misunderstood boy but when he went on the adventure he changed massively and appreciates life