Quoting: United States and highly Populated Areas Essay

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Quote 1 “Highways built to serve the automobile, were insulated from the landscape, from pedestrians and from people going about their business. The separated highway, on which more and more Americans would spend more and more of their working hours, isolated citizens from one another and from their cities”[Boorstin] In Helmer’s view, Americans begin to see travel in a new way. Americans became more concerned with arriving at their destination quickly and efficiently; therefore, sightseeing quickly lost its appeal. This quote reinforces Helmer’s point indicating that highways have separated humans from the social aspects of day-to-day life in the city streets.
He uses the quote to state a point regarding references to automobiles and their supporting appeals of “going out” for dinner. [Thernstrom and Nights]
Quote 2 Food consumed away from home would “increase at a rate in excess of that anticipated for food consumed at home” [1968 Report] As Helmer states, Americans are gaining significant leisure time giving them the opportunity to experience restraint dinning, whereas in the 19th century it was substantially different. Helmer uses this quote to state an opinion in the 19th century regarding to what changed the demand for quick and convenient products, while eating away from home was becoming more frequent. He structures the quote to support his claim regarding change being good “eating out” being a sense of security and familiarity in an unfamiliar place.