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waste of time and then i want to the strip club don't believe the only reason an athlete could have that extra free time just because the time management. All that stress and work can put a stress toll on the body. Athletes are not opting out of a class, they still have all their classes, plus any other extracirrcular activities they may particpate in. I understand that drama students have play rehersals and such every day but they don't endore the workouts that athletes put their bodies through everyday. Like you said before, extracirrcular activities of any sort are privilege. I don't think their could be a line drawn without causing problems from both sides.
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Debate Round No. 4 anthesmsc2014 Pro
I do agree completely that athletes put many stress on their bodies between workouts.
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High School Athletes should have to take Physical Education
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Started: 11/17/2013 Category: Education
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Debate Rounds (5)Comments (1)Votes (0) anthesmsc2014
Gym class teaches students how to be physically fit and how to make choices to stay that way. Where as a sport will teach an athlete to be physically fit but may not teach them to stay that way for life. Also being an athlete is a privilege so all though it would be nice to have an extra study hall it is not necessary. Student athletes should know what they are signing up for. The academics are what is supposed to come first because without the academics one would not be able to be a student athlete. In addition to these things gym class is a welcome break for a day that is otherwise filled with academic work.
Report this Argument castromsc2014 Con
High School Athletes should not have to take gym class. Athletes at the varsity level are practicing everyday for multiple hours. These student athletes should have that 50 minutes to do homework and or catch up on work that they have missed. Most athletes in high school are looking to get a scholarship in college to play their sport. In order to do so their grades need to be very high. Gym class can take a lot of effort in order to get an A. Usually games are after school and if they tried really hard in gym class they might not be able to preform up to potential in the game. Gym class is just to keep kids active during the school day, athletes are already active every day for multiple hours.
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Debate Round No. 1 anthesmsc2014 Pro
To be able to participate in sports is a privilege not a right. It is called a student athlete for a reason. The word student comes before athlete. Studies for school come before being an athlete. A student should not participate in athletic