RFID Risk Management Audits for Oil & Gas Industry Essay

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RFID for Risk Management and Safety Inspections in Oil and Gas Introduction

The oil and gas industry now faces its strongest set of challenges in terms of risk and compliance regulations. Recent events such as the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico have further brought to light the presence and relevance of such regulations. In this whitepaper, we will consider the top areas where RFID technology is benefiting the oil
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In addition, equipment is exposed to salt water, crude oil residue and other contaminants that make not only equipment operation, but also pose a huge challenge in terms of maintaining and tracking maintenance of equipment. Visual methods of


identifying equipment including labels and plates are not always a reliable method due to the human readable data being obscured by environmental elements.

used in safety mechanisms which if needed, need to be

100% ready to operate without interference or

Identification Issues

Xerafy’s XII-­‐Series passive UHF RFID tags are ATEX

Assets range in size and form from bolts to massive

chemical, petroleum and gas processing industry.

impedance from other wireless or electrical sources.

compliant to meet the safety requirements for the

turbine pumps, propeller shafts and other components used