The Importance Of Living In A Positive Residence Hall

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Living in a residence hall is a big change that many students go through their first semester of college. In order to make the residents feel comfortable, they need to be surrounded by a positive community. There are many aspects that help contribute to building a positive environment.
One of the most important characteristics is a sense of unity. In order to build unity within the residence hall, an RA should plan a variety of activities for the students to attend. This may include floor dinners, ice breaker activities, or even something as simple as holding movie nights. An RA should also promote communication by leaving their door open when present. This sets an example of open communication, and will encourage other residents to leave their doors open. By leaving their doors open, residents have the opportunity to engage with others and build relationships throughout the hall.
Another aspect of a positive residence hall community would be described as comfortable. An RA should be amiable so his or her residents are not afraid to seek guidance from him or her. By gaining a resident’s trust, it enables strong relationships to form. Unfortunately, conflicts within the hall do arise. When it does happen, an RA should be ready for the situation. This will include acting as a mediator and being able to advocate for the issue. The trust that is built beforehand, while help allow the RA to provide a solution to the problem. The RA is a central figure to helping create a comfortable community within the floor.
I believe that I have many skills and abilities that would help me be a good RA. I was raised with a very Hispanic background, therefore I have a good understanding of ethnicity and diversity. Being able to connect with students that may possess a language barrier, or