Rabbits And ONTM Essay

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Distinctive voices are created through specific aspects of language to challenge or champion the ideas and values of the audience. Through the use of marginalised and powerful voices which creates a distinct and emotional connection with the audience on the social and political aspects of our world

Racheal Perkins, composer and director of 2001 Australian film “one night the moon” and 1998 Australian short story “The Rabbits”, written by John Marsden and illustrated by Shaun Tan, both explore the marginalised and powerful voices of both white colonial and native indigenous people of Australia. The composers explore the text through a range of emotive visuals, cinematic techniques and powerful imagery to construct empathy and understanding with the audience on the social, cultural and moral disintegration of individuals and groups within both texts, leaving the responder to consider their views of the disintegration of native indigenous Australians.

Through history, cultural voices have been marginalised and silenced by white colonial voice creating a distinctive boundary between the two cultures.
One Night the Moon explores the disempowerment of the cultural voice of aboriginal people in contrast with the white colonial voice. These voices are represented in the text through musical, lyrical and cinematic techniques. Perkins shows how Alberts indigenous voice and connection with the land is marginalised against the powerful white colonial voice in the “this land is mine” “this land is me” scene which shows Jim singing “this land is mine. All the way to the old fence line” This shows Jims ownership of land which was taken from the indigenous population. Perkin juxtaposes this against Alberts singing “This land is me. Rock, water animal, tree” through the use of jump shots back and forth between the two men. Perkins purposely creates a larger camera angle of Jim and the men marching across the farm against the mid shot of Albert waling home. This gives the white colonial a more powerful stance on the land yet no true understanding of it which Albert shows by singing “this land is me” showing his emotion and spiritual connection with the land. This creates an emotional link with the audience for Alert and new understanding of the social, cultural and moral disintegration of native Australian aboriginals which is similar to Tans and Marsden’s novel the “the Rabbits”.

Over time, the indigenous voice disintegrated and