Joy Luck Club Personal Letter

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Rabia Khatoon 12-23-12
The joy luck club
Dear mother suyuan,
I Jing Mei woo want to say that we had a very critical relationship. As you believe that a person can be anything in America as long as they try. That’s part of why you came to America in the first place. In your mind I know you think I don’t try. You wanted me to play piano I did but really didn’t take it serious. You really wanted me to try hard and not give up and that’s like most of me. Since you came to U.S in part to give us more options, but I know how it feels when a daughter doesn’t take full advantage of the opportunities available. But now I really know why you pressured me and tell me what to do and what not to do, this is all done just for me to have a better future and achieve something. I admit that in some points I do really get you mad like when you wanted me to play the piano when I had the interest in it and it made you feel like I would do this all the time but no mom. I did it so I can teach you a lesson when you told Waverly’s mom aunt lindo about how I’m into music and love piano and when you give me chores all I hear is music in my head. Also I heard you when you told her that I’m a champion in piano and won a lot of tournaments, these words forced you to say when aunt lindo said that Waverley in a mind blowing chess player and you just hated the fact that she bragged about her daughter you let your words out about me to shut her up. Mother I have to tell you that I can’t do