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Alone - Maya Angelou Analysis
September 22, 2013

In this poem, Maya Angelou is pointing out one of the biggest problems in the world, and this is isolation and separation of the world. With all the technology you would believe we are more connected than ever but we aren’t. We all need to be connected in a way that we aren’t lonely and sad because we need one another.

This connects to my own experiences because I isolate myself as well and I don’t really get to know different people or anything unless they approach me. I have also heard a song similar to this poem and it is called Alone – Sleeping with Sirens the meaning of the song is basically that he doesn’t want to be alone since it says right in the song “I don’t want to be alone.” It also says “Sometimes I sit and wonder, sometimes I feel like letting go, all I know is no one should have to be alone.” Which I have interpreted the meaning by he sits alone and he doesn’t want to live because he doesn’t have anybody and that nobody should be alone, everyone should have somebody. Also, many people are discriminated in the world because of their race, religion or culture. An example would be back in the 1900’s only white people were accepted in society and so much discrimination was going on until the Civil Rights Legislation took place in 1964. Which was a great way to help different cultures and races become equal but still racism does still take place today and it’s making people isolated because still