Race and Diversity Essay

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Benefits of Diversity

Did you know that diversity allows for more peace amongst a society? Imagine if lower class communities were mixed with different cultures such as Asian, African American, and Caucasian. A diverse community could accomplish more together. Diversity can be beneficial by helping people learn about different cultures outside of their own, reducing racial tensions, and also allows for a more knowledgeable society. Many people of today are not well rounded. They have not traveled out of the country or even seen a different way of life. By having diversity amongst a society, one is able to experience different points of views and also different beliefs. Many of today’s issues exist due to thoughts of manifest destiny. That we have to everything to better ourselves and our country only. Diversity would allow everyone’s ideas to pool together to make the world better. Have you ever noticed how certain races tend to converge and socialize with those of the same race? This may not be a major problem, but it does cause racial tension. Many people discriminate and judge against others. If races could mixes with another stereotypes and disagreements would not be prominent in today’s society. From the youth in high school to adults in the work place, people tend to be to themselves and against each other. Instead of working against each other, diversity can allow us to work together. Society today can be very ignorant to the struggles and trials of others.