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Race and Sports: A Genetic Point of View
1.1 Originating question: Is race real?
1.2 Central question: Is race a matter of biology and genes?
1.3 Specifying question: Does knowing the race of a person tell us anything about them?
2.1 Answer to the central question: Yes, genetics do differ between different races.
2.2 Answer to the specifying question(s): No, knowing someone’s race does not tell us anything about that persons personality traits, mental aptitude, trustworthiness, or anything else along those lines.
3.1 Answer to the originating question: Race is real. 3.1.1 The reason why the originating question matters: This will help answer questions people often ask on differences between race.
3.2 How else does the originating question matter: Knowing someone’s race does not matter in any other way, knowing someone’s race will not help answer any questions about their personality, mental aptitude, trustworthiness, or anything else along those lines.
4.1 What is the author’s focus: In most sports, African descended athletes have the capacity to do better with their natural skills than white athletes.
4.2 Author’s evidence: Blacks with West African ancestry have more explosive energy. 4.2.1 Reasons for the evidence presented: This explosive energy is a result of less subcutaneous fat on arms and legs and proportionally more lean body and muscle mass, faster patellar tendon flex, greater body density, higher percentage of fast-twitch muscles, and more anaerobic enzymes.
4.3 Author’s evidence: Blacks with East African ancestry are less susceptible to fatigue, which translates into greater endurance. 4.3.1Reasons for the evidence