Race Discrimination System Analysis

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Reading through the The Race Discrimination System by Barbara Reskin a lot of thoughts ran through my mind as I think about how the race discrimination system shows up in our society Today. One section throughout the reading that I really enjoyed was the Race-Linked Disparities and Discrimination Within Subsystems. It went into a lot of issues that show what is sometimes uncomfortable to put into words, “thousands of scholarly studies have documented disparities that favor whites over blacks across every major sub system in American society” (Reskin 20). It is one of those things that people will always try to argue about even though there has been evidence that proves the opposite.
Two of the largest places that I see this showing up and that
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This shows up in our real world as we see how schools are divided and how those who are more privileged get opportunities that others do not. One way that I think that this issue can work to be addressed is having a system in which the neighborhood does not determine where a child goes to school. I think this is very important because at that age is when they are developing and growing up segregated only help to contribute setting them up for failure later. The other issue being in our criminal justice system, I thought this was particularly important especially in how things have recently been going in America. We see more police violence and more cases as to where race plays a role when the power is no longer in their hands. Cases after cases we see this showing up in our real world as to where innocent Black people are killed for reasons that are unfair or if they just “look different” would not otherwise happen. Relating it back to school the reading brings up a point of “Black students …show more content…
How can those who have power use it for the greater good and to impact change on those who were born without certain privileges. The first step comes in recognizing, “until we recognize that disparities in schooling, employment, housing, credit markers, health, incarceration, etc are part of and perpetuated through a system of racial disadvantage, even the best research can neither explain white-black disparities nore move us toward a fairer society” (26). Once as a society we have recognized this issue is when we can start to work on how to make things more equal that do not cause discrimination and oppression based off what someone looks like. I see this showing up everywhere in the real world, through many racial disadvantages and racial inequality in our system; whether that means not going to as good of schools, not living in as good of neighborhoods, not having the same chance to get the same jobs, etc. It is important to be aware and work towards a system that does not favor one race over another, where the color of your skin does not determine how you get treated. I know this is a far fetched idea but as citizens who are willing to work on these issues we can eventually reach a place where we start to see