race for the double helix Essay

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Race for the double Helix essay

Scientist are not always objective in their work. They can also be led by emotions in their everyday lives. Three pieces of evidence that prove this claim from the movie race for the double helix are; James Watson was only interested in becoming famous in the field of science which led him to pursue the field of D.N.A. structuring, Maurice Wilkins only wanted to prove his claim that the structure of D.N.A. was a helical structure, and Rosalind Franklin wanted to prove that women could be in the field of science by finding the structure by herself. These three pieces of evidence help show how emotions come into play in the discovery of the structure of D.N.A.

When James Watson was deciding what field of science he wanted to study, emotion came into play in that Watson wanted to be on the breaking edge field of science. Watson wanted this because he desired to become famous and win a nobel prize and the easiest way to do that was to be on the ground breaking field of science. Watson emotions directly influenced his decision on what to study while he was at the university of Cambridge.

The second way emotions come into play in science in the movie Race for the Double Helix is when Maurice Wilkins reasoning for studying the structure of D.N.A. was so he could prove his initial prediction of D.N.A.s structure being in helical form. Rather than waiting for results like Rosalind, Wilkins cared more about proving his prediction right than finding the…