Race And Racism Research Paper

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Race and Racism

July 15, 2013

Racism hurts all member of society. We should eliminate the effective implementation in colleges, schools, communities, and businesses. Skin color just adds more to negative personal relation s between many different cultures of this world. Even though race and racism still exist today, people should not let it get in the way of one’s opinion. Racism leads to discrimination, prejudice, segregation, and letter “n” word that people use selfishly by calling a black person a Niger. Today, sociologists define a race as a group of people perceived as a distinct group in the basis of similarities in physical appearance. The word perceived is important because most scientists have come to believe that race is not an objective fact of biology but a social creation. Racism meaning discrimination or prejudice based on race stem from the belief that some races are innately superior to others. However, the Human Genome project an extensive federal project to identify all of the genes that make up human biology, has discovered that the genetic makeup of humans varies more within than between races ( Jorde &Wooding, 2004). The number of genes that determines skin color and other physical features associated with race is just a minuscule portion (approximately 0.01 %) of the 30,000 or so genes that make up a human being (Krieger, 2000; Patrons 2004). Therefore, racial inequality stems from social rather than biological causes. Racism is very prevalent throughout the world, affects the way one thinks about others. As we enter in this society we should worry about the important things of life. Instead, we try to break down one barrel to another in race by profiling a person of their skin. Every person that lives in this world today wants to change their skin tone, dye hair, listen to rap, and speak in a slang. Why change your image? If one does not like the way a black person present his/herself. After the initial high of Obama’s election there is now a changed atmosphere in the country. Violence is an inescapable companion to racism. And violence or violent outbursts racially motivated ones certainly in increase in the U.S. Threats against President Obama have increased by 400% since President George W. Bush left office, the highest number on record. What makes this situation particularly worrisome is that they come not only from fringe elements in society. They also originate from certain political leaders who seem to intent on creating an atmosphere of violence and disrespected around the president and presidency article by “(Caesar Chetala).” Racism has been an issue since colonial era, also slave era. This is a sociopolitical problem right now as we speak, while Barack Obama is serving in the White House as president of The United State of American. There are many people who cannot stand to see him as a black man with much power and authority over our country. People fail to realize this nation is rising and it will continue to rise to the top no matter how foolish one may speak negative from there mouths. Racism is the belief that one role or culture is fundamentally superior to another, regardless evidence, and result of negatively. A Capitol Hill Blue article states, according to psychologist, Obama’s presidency has triggered the inherent or latent racism in America. I believe that we should not judge a person because of the title he holds. There has been several other president, who has sever in the White House just like Obama, did anyone call them a monkey or criticize their well- being. As the nation move forward to a multiracial future herald. Obama father is a black African American and his mother is white. People had tried to trace roots and background because they felt he was a tourist, who had ties with the Muslim heritage. But what people make of them helped to trace his racial arc his presidency. The understanding