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Race Report – Physiological Differences in sport performance between different races
There are many races in the world race; is related to factors of, ethnicity, skin colour, geographically where you are from and the form of he/she’s body. Just to name a few races there are in the world are; Caucasian, Asian, African; whether they be from the east or the west, there are many, and the all are have their own qualities in certain areas of sport and exercise.
The West Africans are a race that very good in the field of sprinting, many West Africans in history were sent to parts of America and the Caribbean due to the slave trade, 95% of the top times in sprinting were held by athletes that hold West African descent, The west Africans live in a relatively low altitude compared to other Africans, which gives them more fast twitch fibres in their muscles which then allows them to be good at such events as sprinting for big, powerful amounts of force which helps them in the event with things such as the starting blocks. They are from such countries as the Ivory Coast, Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria, compared to the East African countries of Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia they have a lot better results in events such as sprinting, also, they have a reputation for being big, powerful body frames, and it does show, as for sports such as football which you need strength, speed and power for, there are a vast amount more West African footballers than East African due to this muscular body frame. Yaya Toure is a classic example of a West African frame, strong, powerful, fast and due to his attributes was named 2011 African player of the year and shortlisted for the 2012 title too.
East Africa was colonised by Europeans in the 19th century due to its good area for farming, the east Africans are good at endurance most probably due to the high altitudes of the East African countries , working in the high intensity altitudes allows their bodies to be a lot more efficient when using oxygen. In comparison, the West Africans work at a lot lower altitude and therefore are worse at long distance running compared to the East Africans. Haile Gebrselassie is a record holding Ethiopian long distance runner, he has smashed 61 national Ethiopian records that are from marathon times to the 800m, he has also set a 27 world records and is a pure example of a high class distance runner from the East African region.
Caucasians are a race that has ancestry from Europe and some regions of the Middle East and Asia. Their physical attributes consist from very light skin to brown pigments in the skin and also a variety of sizes and frames. The Caucasian race is the majority in North America and Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Caucasians, unlike West Africans are not in the higher ranks of sprinting, they are well in marathons and long distance running, and they are a race that tends to do quite well in variety of sports. Chris Hoy is a track cyclist from Scotland that represents Great Britain. Hoy is an eleven-time world champion, six-time Olympic champion and a winner of a total of seven Olympic Games medals, six gold and one silver, he is the most successful Olympic cyclist of all time.
Asians are a race that is obviously, from Asia, but, it varies from where you are. In the USA Asian refers to people of East Asian e.g. China and Japan or South-east Asian origin e.g. Thailand and Vietnam. In the UK Asian generally refers to South Asia e.g. India and Pakistan. Ye Shiwen is a Chinese swimmer. At the 2012 Olympics, she won gold medals in the 400 metres and 200 metres individual medley, setting the world record in the 400m event and the Olympic record in the 200m event.
Muscle fibre types
East Africans are born with higher number of slow twitch fibres, this could be because they live at high altitude. Their muscle fibres are 70-75% per cent slow-twitch. West Africans ancestors lived at a low intensity which means they have fewer slow twitch fibres but a higher…