Racial Bias In The Criminal Justice System

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Racial Bias

Racial bias for the justification of this essay by definition "are forms of implicit bias, which refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect an individuals understanding, actions, and decision in an unconscious manner" and that, that is what the black teenage boy faces every time he walks into a convenience store, that is what the Muslim girl faces every time she steps foot onto a school bus to receive an education, and that is what not only the people that surround us, but the people in America and the people in the criminal justice system are victims of by the men and women who swore to protect and carry out the equal human rights of all. Racial bias does not just occur solely within the court system. It occurs from
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Through the stages, constitutions see to it as the rights of the accused and convicted are respected equally. They assure the criminal justice system and its representatives investigate and prosecute criminals with the fundamental rights of the accused (who are presumed innocent) (Reuters, 2016). But if one is presumed "innocent" are they considered a "criminal"? A criminal is one who has committed at crime, therefore is guilty. Many sectors in the Criminal Justice system follow Miranda Rights, 'Search and Seizure' and the fourth Amendment, right to counsel, right to jury trial, and is said to be free of cruel and unusual punishment, to ensure the equal treatment and safety of all who are involved. There comes a time when new law enforcement agents are sworn in; they must take an oath of honor. This oath of honor shows an agent's willingness to stand by a standard and duty. From Honor, Integrity, Character, Public trust, Accountability, Courage in the line of duty and more. Even with these oaths of honor there is still corruption. The importance is not just the corruption, but what causes the corruption. Why is it African Americans are six times more likely to be arrested than any other race? Why is it that Africans Americans and Hispanics make up most of prisoners who are incarcerated? This is due to the cognitive and social factors that contribute to racial …show more content…
The way we think has a great impact on us and the world around us. Prejudice which is said to be an attitude (usually negative) towards a individual merely because of a social group to which they belong. Which leads up to discrimination and influences the negative behavior and/or actions towards an individual based on sex/ethnicity/religion/race social. To simplify the world around us, we as humans tend to place people into schemas. Recognizing only how we differ from others. In a experiment conducted in 1978 by Mayron Rothbart and his colleagues prove the ability to overgeneralize from vivid, memorable cases(Myer, 2011). Thus showing an overestimation in crimes that occur in a certain race. These students who overestimated the crime rate within the list given referred to the availability heuristic they held forming judgements by their vivid