Racial Cultural Identity Developement Model Essay

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Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model

Ericka Ashe-Lane

Troy University

One of the most promising approaches to the field of multicultural counseling/therapy has been the work on racial/cultural identity development among minority groups. This model acknowledges within groups differences that have implications for treatment. The high failure-to-return rate of many clients seems to be intimately connected to the mental health professional’s inability to assess the cultural identity of clients accurately. The model also acknowledges
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However, motivations between the two stages are different.

In the final stage of the Racial/ Cultural Development Model, Integrative Awareness, the minority exhibits behaviors that one might attribute to a well-rounded individual. They have developed an inner sense of security and can now own and appreciate the unique aspects of their culture as well as those in the dominant culture. Conflicts and dissatisfactions experienced in the previous stages become resolved, thus allowing greater individual control and flexibility (Sue and Sue, 2008).

The two major problems in providing effective mental health services to racial, ethnic, and cultural minorities are these groups' under-utilization of mental health services and their premature termination from such services when they do seek help for their psychological problems. An understanding of cultural identity development should prepare therapists and counselors to the role that oppression plays in a minority individual’s development (Sue & Sue, 2008). Therefore, a wider sociocultural approach to therapy is mandatory. One of the most common mistakes in attempting to achieve cultural competence is failing to start from a foundation of technical competence and assuming that a practitioner can be culturally competent while having weak technical skills in the treatment model used. The R/CID model will give the therapist a stronger foundation