Racial Discrimination In Sports

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Discrimination in sports

There are a lot of things that the world has always had even back before Jesus ever walked on this earth and one of the main ones that has arguably caused the most problems worldwide is discrimination. Discrimination is an ugly thing it’s stupid to be honest we’re all made by God in His image even if we don’t all look the same, act the same, have the same sexual preferences, we shouldn’t discriminate against anyone. I think that even though racially things aren’t as bad in the United States as they were in the 60’s and even before that but racism still exists and i truly believe that if one top level Nfl player, Nba player, Mlb player, boxer, any top level athlete at is a professional would take a stand against racism it could potentially change everything. Gay marriage is something that i don’t agree with at all no matter if it’s a male couple or female couple God intended for male to be with female not the other way around the human body is designed a specific way for a reason but even with that being said they are people as well and deserve to be treated as such. In the Nba it is 74.4% african americans, 23.3% caucasian americans, 1.8% latinos, and 0.8% asian americans
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Racial Discrimination in sports has prevented many amazing athletes from fulfilling their dreams from african amercian football players being switched positions because of color, caucasian players not playing running back because “they aren’t athletic enough” or are afraid they won’t get enough playing time. On april 15th 1947 Jackie Robinson broke the race barrier and became the first African American to play professional baseball “it represented the dream and the fear of equal opportunity, and it would change forever the complexion of the game and the attitudes of