Racial Discrimination In The Criminal Justice System Essay

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The first disadvantage that will result from the proposed solution of having higher standards for police officers is that it will become harder to get a job as an officer of the law. People who want to become a police officer will have to go to school longer, they will have to complete more detailed physiological tests, and they will have higher requirements in the police training programs. These stricter standards being required for officers of the law may also decrease the number of people who want to become a police officer because some people will not want to do more to get the job. The only answer for this disadvantage is that higher standards for officers will be a huge advantage for the rest of the citizens of America because citizens will have more confidence in police officer’s integrity. There will always be advantages …show more content…
Two, some police officers abuse their authority and they harm African Americans when there is no harm towards the life of the officer, and they are not held accountable for their actions. The two problems above plus the racial discrimination in the court systems have created problem three, the mass incarceration of African American men. African American men are the majority race in jails and prisons in America, and it is not because they do the most crime.
Solutions to solve these racial discrimination problems in America’s criminal justice system are simple. First, raise the standards required for education, training, hiring, and psychological testing for police officers. Second, we must demand the enforcement of ethical standards within the entire criminal justice system. People that work in the criminal justice system must be required to follow ethical standards and treat everyone with