Racial Microaggressions

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Cultural Humility and Racial Micro Aggressions
What are micro-Aggressions? Microaggressions are referred to as brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial slights and insults toward people of color. The act of discriminating against a non-dominant group means of comments or actions. For example, when one uses a micro-aggression such as ‘’I don’t see you as being black.’’ As an individual, one must be aware of their own biases and prejudices.
In the professional field one must be culturally sensitive to his/her peers and should be contempt and skilled when working in a diverse population. One must not assume but,
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Racial microaggressions in the workplace are related to lower levels of perceived and multicultural competence Constantine, 2007), lower working alliance (constantine,2007; Morton , 2011; owen et al.’ 2011, 2014), lower psychological well-being (Owen et al., 2011 , 2014), lower satisfaction with counseling (Constantine, 2007), and less intention to seek counseling in the future (Crawford, 2011). Although there have been nnnn nfindings that highlight the importance of racial microaggressions in the workplace , there are some notable limitations. Due to most studies using small sample sizes, and selective targeted group’s students makes it difficult to compare the experiences of individual from racial backgrounds. Limited research makes it difficult to compare the experiences in the workplace to effectively say or determine if other racial groups have experienced any racial microaggressions and if there is a small or large …show more content…
First, counselors with high levels of cultural humility may likely commit fewer racial microaggressions than would counselors with low levels of cultural humility, because of their increased sensitivity to the importance of diversity and respect for cultural differences. Secondly, counselors that commit racial microaggressions, with high levels of cultural humility may be able to recover and repair the relationship more easily than could counselors with low levels cultural humility, because they may admit their limitations to understand and communicate respect for the client’s cultural background. There is also, effective aggression which is defined as a response to an aversive change in the person’s environment - a provocation - and not to anything internally generated. The analysis of aggression that is reactive and reactive and effective, because this is the approach taken by most people of human aggression and violence. Aggression has been increasing in recent years, and that instrumental motives (e.g. power and dominance) are heavily involved in the explanation of certain everyday problems of violence, such as spouse abuse and bullying. (Geen, Russell G.,