Racial: New York City Essay

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In America there’s has been a lot of actions that the police have been used on citizens and innocent bystander. One of these actions are called “Stop and Frisk”, which has been used a lot these days, especially in New York. “Stop and Frisk” means where the cops usually stops a person if they feel suspicious about them and even search through their body without warrant because of their appearance. “Stop and Frisk” can be helpful at some times, but not most of the time and in some cases it has been believed to be used by high authorities to exploit the minorities. There has been many cases where random people have been stopped and been pressured by cops to get searched by force. Especially here in New York, where there’s more 3rd class citizens than any other type. In New York, most of the time there’s always an issue with racism or segregation, and because most cases are about people that get stopped and search randomly for no reason. Stop and Frisk may be seen as a racial profiling activity because minorities are the most arrested, but some people also agreed that stop and frisk has reduced the number of crime in neighborhood in NYC.“I believe this tactic is a lifesaver. It is also lawful and constitutional. The stops take hundreds of guns off the streets and contribute to a historic low crime rate"(Paddock). But on the other hand, I feel that people's first amendment right is being violated because they are not free anymore and face unfair treatment from this law. Even