Racial Persistence Essay

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Racial Persistence
By Larry Robinson

With reading both Race without Color and Mitochondrial Eve,I hate to admit it but

I believe that racial categories and division will continue to exist especially in

America. It is really unfortunate but people here are just conditioned to see

people with a label even with all this evidence( Scientific and or Religious ) that

states otherwise. For the exception of certain Religious Sects ie LDS, many other

groups believe that we all came from a common ancestor and furthermore that

homo erectus was first found in Africa then migrated to other lands and adapted.

Can we move beyond this way of thinking? The answer to this is maybe. We as a

nation have become very tolerable to different things, lifestyles and or behaviors.

This is turn leads me to believe that we can overcome racial division but with that

being said the question remains, Will we want to? I have done a little bit of

research outside of what we have been reading in regards to racial equality. First

example I want to state is Affirmative Action. The definition of Affirmative

Action is, is the policy of providing special opportunities for, and favoring members of, a

disadvantaged group who suffer from discrimination.( Websters Dictionary 2013). I for

one am a firm believer in this concept especially for Native Americans, African Americans

and people of Hispanic Decent ( Non-Migratory). I say this because in this country for

over 465 years these groups were either robbed of their land, stolen from their land and

placed here as slaves or removed by force from their land, and up until about 1963 did

not have a fair chance at achieving equal opportunities within the United States in

regards to employment, education and even wage earned. Affirmative Action, was put in

place to detour segregation and live up to the constitutional trues that supposedly make

this country great. But today you see groups view this as discrimination stating that,

everyone should get the same opportunities and Affirmative Action should be done away

with because racial inequality is a thing of the past. I believe America should allow

another 465 years of Affirmative Action to take place first then re explore doing away

with it. Racial tension in this country is as high as ever, for example, 2008 was a historic

moment in American history, this was the first year