Racial Prejudice and Injustice: To Kill a Mocking Bird Essay

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To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel rifle with references of racial prejudice and injustice. The South has never been a bastion for racial equality, and still can be seen by some to harbor the last vestiges of bigotry. Harper Lee does a great job demonstrating the effects of racial inequality, through the main character s reactions, and the overall outcome of the novel. The novel itself encompasses many of the feelings that were flying around during the time atwhich it was written. The first racist event that occurs in the book, is the incident that ensues at Calpurnia s church. Calpurnia is a servant at the finch house, and is an African American. One Sunday when Atticus is not at home, Calpurnia has to decide what to do with the children. She does not wish to send them to church alone, because there was a mishap that occurred the last time the children went by themselves. After thinking about it, she decides to take Scout and Jem to the church she normally attends. When Calpurnia and the children arrive, a black member of the church gets irritated, and wants them to leave. Segregation at the time was normal, and the whites and blacks went to different churches. Scout and Jem, not wanting to cause any trouble, were ready to leave. Calpurnia, however, stands up for the children and as a result, the church comes to her aidReverend Sykes and other members of the black community accept the Finch children with open hands. This skirmish here shows that racism is not one sided. Many