Racial Prejudice Research Paper

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Racial prejudice is extremely common in our present society. This is because it's an unconscious attitude. Prejudiced people judge individuals on the basis of superficial characteristics, such as skin color, or they project the negative traits on individuals onto every member of the group to which the individual belongs.
From trying to find distance from a band of punks on a pathway or even getting searched at border checkpoints because you look a certain way while others who look different are simply waved on through.
Normally, racial prejudice is targeted at minority groups. The straight and simple answer as to why is because they are part of the minority group, they are easy targets to the majority group.
Bigger is better and the bigger looks down their noses to the smaller.
This is the same with society. The dominant group is that which holds the most power in a given society, while subordinate groups are those who lack power compared to the dominant group.
African Americans have been under attack of racism for more than a century. Although in our present time racism is marginalized, racial prejudice is very much with us. The experience of testers – sending out teams of closely-matched white and black people to see if they’re treated different – shows that racial discrimination is not a thing of the past in American society and the many ways it can be expressed.
"In 2001 sociologist Devah Pager took a novel approach to how prison affected ever growing numbers of Americans after they’d done their time. Pager sent two young black men and two