Essay about Racial Profiling

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In 2013, criminal justice administrators are faced in dealing with many issues. Issues faced by this group of people are many of the same issues faced by many business administrators. In all reality, budgetary and funding concerns are shared by nearly everyone in the world. Throughout the recent years where the economic decline has plagued the United States, and the world, all areas in American society experienced strains in response to budgeting concerns. Schools districts and criminal justice are ones that come to mind. Despite recent budget and funding concerns, one issue has plagued the administrators of the criminal justice system far longer. Administrators are faced with ensuring all actions taken by the departments are worthwhile. “We expect it to meet the fundamental aims of our criminal laws: to separate the guilty from the innocent, to incapacitate truly dangerous individuals, and to promote deterrence and retribution for those who violate law.” (American Bar Association, n.d., p. i). As society places expectations on the criminal justice system to take actions against those who break the law, whose job is it to ensure these actions actually work? Who is it to say that actions taken by any branch in the criminal justice system works to prevent criminals from committing crimes in the future? Administrators are faced with challenges in ensuring preventative efforts work. For example, the American Bar Association (n.d.) notes that over two-hundred thousand people are incarcerated in Federal Bureau of prisons, where costs of maintaining these prisons has risen to more that fifty-six thousand dollars a year. In seeing the rise of populations in state and federal prisons, does incarceration of offenders actually work to prevent other criminals from doing the same crime? Another example of this administrative challenge is seen with allocation of assets in the war on drugs. Since the 1980, a huge emphasis has been placed on the war on drugs-where arrests have tripled in 2005. As state and federal courts have been overtaken by drug cases, many drug dealers and doers have been taken off the streets. With the minor…