Racial Profiling Essay

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Truth and Nail

Racial profiling is necessary when and only when the police are looking for a specific suspect/group of people, because it is an important tool for officers to keep the people safe, and at the same time, doesn’t generalize a population. There has been great debate across the country over the past decade on whether or not racial profiling is socially acceptable. I’ve always believed that discrimination based on the grounds of race, age, or sex is undoubtedly, inherently wrong. The world we live in, unfortunately, has not left room for us to line ourselves with a sugar coated quilt to protect us from all injustices. To say that police ignoring color when searching for a suspect is impractical, would be a great understatement.
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To do that, they are required to rely on their training, and their judgement to keep the peace. In the article Profiling Color, the author, Corlett, J. Angelo writes that, “Those who are law-abiding, and perhaps some who are not, are beneficiaries of racial profiling.”(Angelo 29). What this means is that in its use of keeping the people safer by assisting police, racial profiling helps to create a safer environment for those who follow the law in the first place, as well as some individuals that might not be so true. This is important because it demonstrates how the benefits of racial profiling are being garnered by all. Another article, Profiling Color, told of an example of how officers of the law implemented racial profiling in their search for a specific group of people. The article stated, “The gang was almost strictly, if not entirely latino so it would be nonsense to target white or black people.” (Angelo 22). Common sense alone is beyond sufficient enough to show how this example is true. To identify everyone as a suspect, would increase search time exponentially, allowing much more time for such criminals to execute criminal activity, possibly putting innocent individuals in harm’s way. It has been made vividly clear how vital racial profiling can be to police officers looking to keep the peace as well as protect the