Racial Profiling In The Criminal Justice System

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Racial profiling is a social injustice and minorities have fell victim to this for many years. According to Zastrow (2007) : “Racial profiling refers to the tendency of the police departments to view members of certain minority groups as more likely to commit crimes than the general population, and to then use that assumption in making designs about who to arrest for traffic violations, whose suitcases to search in customs, investigations, and so on.”
With the better understanding of what racial profiling is, it is safe to say that this does occur in the United States Criminal Justice system. As I'm aware that no system is perfect and they all have flaws, racial profiling is a longstanding national problem that is a violation of human rights.
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A series of cases has exhibited racial profiling over the years. Injustice of the criminal justice system has led to many deaths of innocent bystanders and unfortunately the perpetrators are left un responsible for the crimes due to the flaws of the criminal justice …show more content…
Police have often been accused of making “pre textual” stops of people that meet the criteria as drug dealers, gang members, or other offenders (Weitzer & Tuch, 2002). A blind eye tends to get turned when it comes to what is known as officers conducting stop and frisks by racial profiling. According to the NY times (2013) statistics show about in 83 percent of cases, the people being stopped and frisked are apart of the black or hispanic community. As stated by the New York Civil Liberties Union, New Yorkers have been stopped by police and street interrogations over 5 million times since 2002. Black and hispanics are at the peak of the