Racial Profiling Stereotypes

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In some communities with a widespread of minority culture, police forces are offered diversity training and some colleges/universities offer courses in diversity training. In other communities it is encourage that individuals of minority groups join their city’s police department. Unfortunately, that does not apply to ever police department. Some police officers are bias towards broad groups of people and can use their bias mindset to make their decision without looking into any evidence or hearing any explanations. Racial profiling is a practice which is quite common in America today where people of color are profiled based on the stereotypes and biases towards of their racial group and culture. For instance, if a person of color is walking …show more content…
None of which portrayed these professionals poorly as a whole, it just showed them doing their job and getting rid of criminals. Once stories of racial profiling and unlawful behavior from police officers surfaced people began to research the truth and realized that not every one of these professionals are fair. This causes negative stereotypes towards the profession. When society witness wrongdoing on their peers from the police force, that’s supposed to protect them from others wrongdoing it leaves a bad taste in their mouth, so society has a negative perception towards them. If all police departments required diversity training for their officers it would show society that they’re trying to make a change in the way they approach and treat people of color. As well as the professions stopping the profiling towards people of color because of their biases and