Racial: Race and Martin / Zimmerman Lynch Mobs Essay

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Every so often, the U.S. mainstream media whip the ignorant masses into a frenzy by falsifying otherwise dull news stories. Here is a brief recap.

Two years before the edited tapes, fuzzed videos, and outright lies that spawned the Martin/Zimmerman lynch mobs, the newsmedia churned fools into froth by claiming that tea-party members spat on a congressman and called him the “n-word”. It was a lie, of course, easily revealed by a never-claimed offer of $100,000 for any shred of evidence or first-hand testimony. The lie was never retracted.

Seven months before that, MSNBC concocted a lie about racist White tea-party members carrying machine guns in order to terrorize Blacks and possibly threaten the first Black president. They did it by carefully cropping a video of a Black military veteran carrying a legal rifle, so as to conceal his skin-tone. The lie was then re-broadcast by the other networks, carried by hundreds of newspapers, and never retracted.

One month before that, the newsmedia embelished the arrest of Henry Gates to claim that: he was arrested because: (1) a neighbor reported seeing “a Black man” breaking into a house and (2) the cop did not accept Gates’s ID. In fact, the 911 tape shows that the caller had no idea as to the “race” of the light-skinned apparent burglar in the shadows, and to the very end, Gates adamantly refused to show the police any ID with his address on it (so they could verify that he was breaking into his own residence). The lies were then broadcast around the world and never retracted.

Twenty-one months before that, the newsmedia told the world that Madonna Constantine, a Black teacher at Columbia University, had been terrorized by finding a racist noose hanging outside her office. In fact, a security video forcibly obtained by the police with a search warrant against the protests of the professor and her college, showed Constantine herself putting up the noose. To this day, news…