Racial Relations Essay

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Final Exam American Race Relations
In the times of racial segregation we find cruel and horrifying treatment toward the African American race, but why? Who is at fault for the treatment? What are some firsthand stories to these events? And what would an outsider say? Through this article we will see what different mind think and facts to back them up. Racism was a horrendous thing and at times the truth can be hidden. Which is the most important or the most valuable, Dubois, Wright, or Myrdal when discussing racism. Racism was a hard time for African Americans and the truth, the story and the outside look will open our eyes.
In our first document we find the author W. E. B. Dubois is expressing his thoughts on racial relations and the reconstruction. The author is offended and angry that we change the way events played out during the slavery era and how the reconstruction played out, this way it is more pleasant to here. Dubois continuously shows his concern for the way history is being portrayed, in ways that are pleasant to hear and not so much the whole truth. This leads him to begin on reconstruction. Dubois claims the reconstruction was a hideous mistake and an unfortunate incident. The author Dubois is making his claim of our history not being explained in truth, but parts are placed in the shadows. Dubois has a point of rage that all who considers this horrendous time would expect to have, he tells us like it is.
Richard Wright expresses his life story of pain and hardships. We can see he was an American living in the troubling times of racism. As we read we can see the torture and belittlement the African Americans were put through. We see what it was like for Mr. Wright to try and get a job or what the police done to a woman being brutally beaten. As we continue the rest is telling various jobs a Wright endured, along with the self-worth he was shown was next to none. Wright displays hurt and confusion, but then seems to get an understanding of the boundaries that are set for the African Americans. As wright continues his Story we can see he is pointing out what a hard world it was for the African American people and the African Americans were walking on “egg shells” every day.
Our final author Gunnar Myrdal comes out with the white man’s problem. We see in the article that at numerous times the topic of population control is mentioned, along with