Racial Segregation and 11 -a Jim Crow Essay

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November 27, 2012

CP English 11-A

Jim Crow Laws and Affects

Throughout History America hasn’t always been the land of the free and home of the brave. We’ve had our share of trouble, problems, racism, and jealousy just like any other country. People haven’t always been given an equal shot or a guaranteed chance of success. Jim Crow Laws are certainly a prime example of these reasonings and in my opinion I feel as if trying to hide or cover up these laws like they never existed isn’t right. America was once, just like many more countries, extremely racist and prejudicial against people who had done absolutely nothing to earn these kinds of reputations. These Laws represent no common sense and if were brought into today’s world, most citizens would absolutely be appalled or disgraced by the country they live in. Jim Crow Laws were a series of laws and actions minority races could and couldn’t do. Some of them consisted from segregated water fountains to segregated schools and universities. These laws were truly affecting because it completely separated a nation and almost tore it in half. When there are riots and forms of propaganda promoting racism, there clearly is something wrong with the country you live in. Minorities and others getting lynched, murdered, and wrongfully prosecuted for simply helping a white neighbor is completely unacceptable and I’m glad I don’t have to live to see it.

I feel as if the most outrageous law from what I’ve researched was the law passed by Congress in Alabama prohibiting a white female nurse from caring for and assisting for black male patients. This is completely out of hand because it literally makes no sense to me. I don’t see the harm and especially if the patient needs care they should be given it constantly, not only by “their own kind”. One of the people I’ve researched was Ida B. Wells. She was a strong advocate for not only racial integration, but for Women’s rights. She was born in1862 at Holy Springs, Mississippi and came from an African-American family. One of her biggest achievements was organizing the National Association of Colored Women, which was a group that stood up to racism and often spoke out against segregation and Domestic Violence. She had a vital impact on society by providing basic